Director of Match Support/Enrollment – [Charlotte, NC]

Department: Programs
Location: Charlotte, NC
Reports To: CEO
Number of People Supervised: Ten (10)


Manage Enrollment, Match Support and Community based programs by building, leading and coaching a high performing team.


  • Supervise and develop training for Program Managers and their direct reports, Program Coordinators, Match Support (MSS) and Enrollment Match Specialist (EMS).  Ensure quality orientation and training of new hires according to agency procedures. Meet regularly with individuals and team as a whole.  Develop appropriate supervisory relationship with each team member. Empower team to assist and generate new and innovative ways to insure our volunteers, parents and youth feel supported and appreciated
  • Track individual and team performance through review and analysis of individual and team metrics. Provide feedback verbally and in writing on a regular basis and as needed to improve performance and teamwork.
  • Manage Program Managers who supports events processes, to maintain minimally a 12- month calendar of monthly community- based match activities. Provide leadership and support of said activities to include volunteer training and match activities. Ensure adequate staff coverage for events activities, orientations and trainings.
  • Manage MSS Program Managers to lead MSS team and address challenging match issues and family situations. Provide guidance and feedback for handling sensitive situations. Assist with search for appropriate community resources for given situations. Support development and maintenance of a current community resources library for referral by agency staff.
  • Manage Enrollment Match Specialist process to identify children and Volunteer Candidates; Conduct orientations, interviews and create matches to achieve annual match goals.
  • Observe and monitor trends among matches regarding match productivity and safety. Develop and implement plans with MSS Program Managers to address/meet overall needs of volunteers, children and families whenever possible.
  • Facilitate teamwork on team and cooperation with overall agency staff. Monitor and facilitate smooth transition process of clients among team members. Work closely with MSS Program Managers to ensure overall program quality and efficient overall processing of clients through programs. Facilitate a unified program staff and a consistent program experience for clients.
  • Regularly review client documentation of Match Support Team for quality and accuracy. Audit match files for compliance with agency and federation policies and procedures. Inspect monthly Quality Assurance for each Match Support Specialist and record in Agency Information Management system (AIM).
  • Set direction for the team Observe trends.  Develop goals and objectives with team input.  Establish goals for length of match, retention, rematch rate, and support contact rates. Meet individuals as necessary to insure metrics for performance are being met.
  • Maintain working knowledge of the Service Delivery Model and local agency policies and procedures in order to interpret and enforce them with the team.
  • Meet regularly with CEO to review individual team, and agency performance. Implement agreed to actions in a timely manner.
  • Develop and submit reports regarding Enrollment, Match Support, and Programs as requested.
  • Identify, document, track, and schedule “impact matches” for agency events as requested.
  • Participate as a productive and engaged member of the Leadership Team to assist with overall agency fulfillment of its mission.
  • Support special projects as a volunteer or as assigned according to specialized skills and agency need.
  • Attend professional meetings such as Mayor’s Mentoring Alliance, Chamber of Commerce meetings and other relevant Community meetings.
  • Organize the Jill Bosse Scholarship process for youth entering into post-secondary education and participate on selection committee.

Education Level (minimum & preferred educational requirements necessary to perform this job successfully):

Master’s Degree in Social Work required

Years of Related Work Experience (minimum & preferred related work experience necessary perform this job successfully):

A minimum of five years of experience in the social services industry. Experience in and through understanding of mentoring, positive youth development, risk and protective factors. Must possess advanced data analysis skills and have proven track record of success as a manger/ supervisor.



Possess a strong knowledge of the community and have the ability to establish strong relationships both internally and externally.




Results driven and goal oriented.




Possess strong interpersonal skills with the ability to work within diverse populations and geographic areas.




Possess a demonstrated ability to think strategically and work collaboratively to inspire, motivate and focus internal team members to the agreed upon goals.




Demonstrate analytical skills to determine gaps and develop action plans to address them.




Possess outstanding verbal and written communication skills. Ability to serve as an agency advocated by effectively communicating the mission and vision internally and externally.




Attention to detail and excellent client documentation skills with an understanding of outcomes based performance oversight.




Superior coaching and training skills. Foster a culture of commitment, dedication and purpose.




Excellent computer literacy skills to include knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Outlook.




Ability to develop team members to their fullest potential.




Able to motivate and inspire others.




Ability to monitor performance and empower for growth.




Ability to build department capacity by leveraging diversity.




Demonstrates ethical behavior and policy compliance.






WORK ENVIRONMENT/PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS (Describe any specific work place conditions and/or physical abilities that are related to and/or required by this job)

Physical Demand: Description

Stationary Position: Must be able to remain in a stationary position at least 50% of the time

Traverse: Must be able to move about the inside of the office

Communicate: Must be able to exchange accurate communication

Operate: Must be able to operate office productivity machinery (i.e. computer, copier etc.)

Lift: Must be able to lift office equipment up to 25 pounds

Core Competencies

 High Performance Indicators

Customer  Focus  

Able to build strong working relationships with agency staff, volunteers and parents; Identify unexpressed customer needs and potential solutions to meet those needs; Independently anticipate and meet  customer needs; Prioritize work in alignment with the needs of the team; Use knowledge and feedback to improve overall results.

Problem Solving & Analysis  

Able to gather appropriate data and diagnose the causals of problems before taking action; separate root causes from symptoms; apply lessons learned from others who encountered similar problems or challenges; anticipate problems and develop contingency plans to address them and alternative courses of action.

Flexibility & Achieving Change  

Able to positively manage change that affects job requirements or work assignments; adapt to shifting priorities in response to the needs of the team/agency; quickly recognize situations/conditions where change is needed; work to clarify situations where information, instructions, or objections are ambiguous; support organizational change.

Continuous Improvement & Gets Results  

Able to identify and apply “best  practices” in  own work; improve efficiency by planning and organizing work effectively, eliminate barriers and streamline work processes; monitor , evaluate and track own performance; adapt work practices in order to meet goals and deadlines; persist in the face of obstacles and be accountable for the quality of outcomes.

Decisiveness & Judgment  

Able to demonstrate sound judgment in routine, day to day decisions; thinks critically to make decisions and take action, even in non-routine situations; rapidly makes reasonable assessments with limited information; utilizes sound judgment in deciding whether to make a decision or escalate to a supervisor for additional consultation.

Open Communication  

Able to use active listening to confirm understanding; coach others through the use of reflective questioning; personalize communications content and delivery to fit different perspectives, backgrounds and or style of audience; document information and feedback clearly and concisely in order to keep records accurate and up to date.

Strategic Alignment  

Able to align own work objectives with the organization’s strategic plan or objectives; take organizational priorities into consideration when making choices and trade-offs in own work; act with an understanding of how the community affects the business and how own actions and decisions affect other jobs and outcomes; maintain perspective between the overall picture and tactical details.

Valuing Diversity  

Able to seek out and work effectively with others who have diverse perspectives; talents; background and/ or styles; contribute to a team climate in which differences are valued and supported; seek and respond to feedback from others about his/her own behavior that might be perceived as biased. Seek diverse representation on team.

Equal Employment Opportunity

BBBSA provides equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, or non-disqualifying physical or mental handicap or disability, or any other federal, state of local protected class.

Americans with Disabilities Act 

Applicants as well as employees who are or become disabled must be able to perform the essential duties & responsibilities either unaided or with reasonable accommodation. The organization shall determine reasonable accommodation on a case-by-case basis in accordance with applicable law.

Job Responsibilities

The above statements reflect the general duties, responsibilities and competencies considered necessary to perform the essential duties & responsibilities of the job and should not be considered as a detailed description of all the work requirements of the position. BBBSCC may change the specific job duties with or without prior notice based on the needs of the organization.