Executive Coordinator – [Bloomington, Indiana]

Location: Bloomington, Indiana
FLSA Classification: Non-Exempt
Status: Part-time
Contact Email: mvoland@bigsindiana.org

Position Description

The Executive Coordinator (EC) works with the Executive Director, Program, and Fund Development heads to improve day to day efficiency and facilitate effective communication, both internally and externally. The EC is responsible for providing generous customer service in response to all customers or anyone who has interest in Big Brothers Big Sisters. The key functions of the EC include fund management by class, the discretionary handling of employee information, donor tracking and records, as well as excellent service towards priority tasks within the organization. The EC will work closely with the Agency’s accountant in the aspects such as bill paying, documenting income and payroll management.  The CRC will work closely with the Executive Director on budgeting, fiscal accounting, and administrative management. The EC will oversee all aspects of the data management systems in the agency such as Zen and AIM, including data input. The EC will be the point of contact for Information Technology support and hardware updates. The CRC provides administrative support to the Executive Director and Development and Events Director.


  • Establish and implement department procedures to ensure effective and efficient operations;
  • Manage and communicate agency wide calendar, which will aid in the coordination of staff and board meetings and retreats.
  • Provide effective maintenance, and implementation of systems which improve quality and productivity in operational areas such as: printing, shipping and handling, expenditures, supplies, technology, maintenance, and security


  • Establish and promote positive communication among all team members of BBBSCI to increase collaboration and reduce inefficiencies;
  • Recognize and appreciation efforts for staff, Board, and other key constituents;
  • Conduct and/or ensure the completion of new employee orientations;
  • Serve as a staff liaison to the ED;
  • Maintain employee personnel files and ensure all compliance and audit measures are met. This will require the ability to follow procedures clearly

Executive Support

  • Oversee client interactions to ensure a helpful positive experience when calling, emailing, or visiting the office;
  • Create and maintain a paper & electronic filing system for office, as well as ED contacts;
  • Provide administrative support to ED and Board of Directors as well as key agency partnerships for BBBSA, ISA, and UWMC;
  • Oversee completion of the BBBSA agency annual self-assessment;
  • Compile reports and other information as requested


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred;
  • Belief in the mission of BBBS;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Excellent organizational skills, including the ability to know when a system could be better, and how to improve it;
  • The ability to adhere to a strict criteria in format and operation;
  • The ability to work weekends and evenings when necessary;
  • An automobile or access to an automobile;
  • Extensive computer familiarity. Experience with Excel, QuickBooks, Word, Windows Explorer is desired