Relationship Specialist, Central Region – [St. Louis, MO]

Location: St. Louis, MO
Contact Email:
Salary: $30,000-$35,000

Position Description

The primary purpose of this position is to provide relationship support to ensure child safety, positive impacts for children trusting and enduring relationships and a strong sense of affiliation with BBBSEMO on the part of volunteers.  Requires strong ability to build and maintain relationships, a high degree of independent judgment, and efficient time management.


Safety –

  • Implement Program Policies according to National and Agency standards
  • Meet target of 100% Legal Compliance and 82% Quality Compliance.
  • Maintain accurate and timely data and documentation in electronic and physical files.
  •  Ensure early identification of safety concerns and timely:
    • coaching
    • reporting
    • accessing resources


  • Ensure 75% Endurance and target of 80% 12 month match retention-
  • Ensure early identification of endurance concerns and timely:
    • training
    • coaching
    • negotiating conflict resolution
    • appreciating
    • accessing resources

Strength –

  • Minimum of 50% True Friendships and less than 10% struggling relationships.
  • Completion of a minimum of 70% of Child SORs and 70% of Volunteer SORs
  • Completion of a minimum of 70% Child YOS
  • Volunteer SOR score consistently at or above 3.7


  • Utilize the ABC Cycle to assist 4:1+1 teams in reaching the following success – Attendance-70%, Behavior- 92%, Reading- 78% and Math- 75%

Job Competencies

  • Relationship Building – Invests in internal and external enduring relationships. Takes time to build trust and explore interests.  Demonstrates openness and honesty; listens well to others and truly values people.  Can diffuse high-tension situations comfortably. Can motivate many kinds of people; shares wins & successes.
  • Problem Solver – Can quickly find common ground and solves problems effectively for the good of all with minimal noise; encourages collaboration. Asks good questions and probes all sources for answers; can see underlying or hidden problems and patterns and doesn’t stop at the first answer.
  • Assessment – Is a good judge of behaviors; can clearly articulate the strengths and limitations of people; acts on the information gathered in a timely manner.
  • Time Management – Uses his/her time and the time of others effectively and efficiently; sets priorities; executes tasks while balancing important vs. urgent needs.

Cultural Competencies

  • Accountable – We rise above our individual circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary to achieve desired results. We live “above the line”, not “below the line”. We don’t make excuses for our shortcomings like “I didn’t know”, “that’s not my job”, “No one told me”, “I didn’t understand”, etc. We practice the four step accountable process of (1) SEE IT. (2) OWN IT. (3) SOLVE IT. (4) DO IT.
  • Adaptable – We are always open to change so our organization can respond quickly to a problem or opportunity. We understand that standing still or protecting the status quo is not a viable option. We are willing to jump in and make things happen. We focus on impact, use data, quantitative and qualitative, to make decisions, as close to the issue, as possible. We understand that with each change there are new opportunities to improve our services AND advance our careers.
  • Coachable – We are capable of listening, willing to take constructive feedback and make the necessary changes to be more efficient and effective.
  • Confident – We approach our work with confidence giving our many audiences, internal and external, assurance that our brand and outcomes are worth the investment of their time, talent and treasure. We demonstrate our professionalism through our thoughtful work, professional appearance and clear and consistent communication. We regularly, formally and informally, communicate our successes and challenges, not only to our teams and supervisors but with others inside and outside the agency who may be of assistance. We know that EVERYONE is available to assist. We “communicate” with others in ways that can be “heard” and we understand the value of closing the loop in conversations. We also know how to apologize when necessary.
  • Resilient –We are always determined to deliver the very best product/program/service AND reach our goals. We are hard workers. We understand that we must “study our craft” (i.e. read book and articles, attend learning opportunities provided by the agency, seek out mentors) if we are going to maintain the highest program standards and grow professionally within a high performing agency. When we are knocked down, we focus on the positive, get back up and rebuild.
  • Supportive – We recognize that life can throw you a curve ball and some days are tougher than others. We are here to support each other, our Bigs, Littles and families on those days and in those moments. We believe in teamwork– in fact, our 4:1+1 model is a team model. We work hard together, find time to enjoy each other and celebrate our accomplishments, especially those where we have triumphed over great challenges and uncertainty.

Education & Related Work Experience

Education Level: Minimum Bachelor’s degree. Social services or related field preferred. Experience in youth development field a plus.

Related Work Experience: Assessment and relationship development experience with child and adult populations; understanding of child development and family dynamics.  Must have car, valid driver’s license, and meet state required automobile insurance minimums.

Work Environment/Physical Requirements

Routine office environment.  Flexible work hours to meet customer needs If home visitation is indicated, must travel to local communities and neighborhoods.

FLSA – Non Exempt

 Equal Employment Opportunity

BBBSEMO provides equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, or non-disqualifying physical or mental handicap or disability.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Applicants as well as employees who are or become disabled must be able to perform the essential duties & responsibilities either unaided or with reasonable accommodation.  The organization shall determine reasonable accommodation on a case-by-case basis in accordance with applicable law.

Application Instructions

Send your cover letter and resume to  No in-person or phone applications will be accepted. Please do not call or inquire in person.