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"Spending time with my Little Brother is easy.  Stuff I’d do anyway is more fun with him."

In our lives, each of us shared an important connection with someone who broadened our horizons and brought a little magic into our lives. 


It was the person who taught you to throw that perfect spiral, or sat in the front row to cheer you on, even when it was embarrassing. These are the little moments that Big Brothers and Big Sisters experience every day. 


These real life stories are just a few of the ways Big Brothers  Big Sisters is changing lives and communities forever.



Big Brother Carlos & Little Brother Ray

Carlos and Ray“Carlos came into my life at just the right time,” says Little Brother Ray. “My dad wasn’t around, and I needed another guy to talk with and look up to.”

Ray was at a crossroads. At age 13, some of his friends were getting in trouble. Some had even gone to jail. He knew the choices he made, the path he took, would have a big impact on his future. But when you feel like no one believes in you … sometimes it’s hard to believe in yourself.

But in Big Brother Carlos, Ray met someone who really did believe in him — and who wouldn’t let him go down the wrong path. Carlos had just gotten his “dream job” and was looking for a volunteer opportunity to help a young person. In Ray, he met a young man who truly needed a friend … and a mentor.

When Ray stopped playing football and got in with a bad crowd, it was Carlos who talked to the coach and encouraged Ray to work hard and prove himself on the field. And when Ray’s test scores and grades were jeopardizing his dream of going to college, Carlos helped him improve enough to graduate with his class.

“Carlos encouraged me to keep up my grades and focus on playing football as my chance to get an education. Thanks to him,” Rays smiles, “I’ll be heading to college in the fall.”

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