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Average People, Everyday Heroes

Dear Friend,


I'm thinking a lot about everyday heroes this month.

Maybe that's because in this newsletter you can meet an everyday hero — a Big Brother honored by Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Greeting Card Association.

Or maybe it's because spring provides so many opportunities to be an everyday hero to a young person. By doing a fun activity like reading your favorite song lyrics, volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, or making a donation.

Heroes don't have to leap tall buildings. Some of the biggest heroes are the people who work behind the scenes, mentoring children and helping them grow into happy, confident young men and women. To me, that's what being an everyday hero means ... and that's what Big Brothers Big Sisters is all about.

Enjoy the spring!

Bill Denk, Big Brothers Big Sisters Sincerely,
Bill Denk
Bill Denk
Big Brothers Big Sisters

Meet an everyday hero

Carlos and Ray In January, Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Greeting Card Association created a campaign to recognize and honor some of the everyday heroes who touch people's lives through mentoring.

Today we'd like you to meet one of the first honorees, Big Brother Carlos Linares and his Little Brother Ray Alake. The mentoring Carlos has provided has helped them forge a friendship that's guided Ray in the classroom ... on the football field ... and helped him earn a full scholarship to a great college.

Read more about Carlos and Ray.

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Slamming spring! Making poetry cool for all ages

It's Spring! Emily Dickinson had it right: "a light exists in spring, not present on the year." Spring is the perfect time to make art out of words.

Think poetry can't be cool? Think again! Poetry slams and spoken word festivals are being held at public libraries and community centers across the country. Discover events in your community to learn about the new ways young people are expressing themselves in every season.

Looking at CD jackets with a young person in your life can be the perfect way to demonstrate that poetry doesn't just live in dusty books.

Try to write your own lyrics or verses. Here is an easy way to make poetry cool — with no berets required!

Write a spring haiku:

  • Haiku are generally composed of three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables
  • Avoid English poetry conventions like rhyming
  • Haiku should be about seasons - the perfect way to capture all that makes spring great

And remember — whether it's talking about your favorite music or just enjoying the sunshine at a park — nothing is more poetic than a friendship with a young person.

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This spring ... volunteering is the thing

Spring is the time for volunteering So many spring activities are even more fun when you share them with a young person. Think about gardening (kids love getting their hands dirty), cleaning out the garage (anything is more fun with a friend) or just taking a walk to make the most of those warm spring breezes.

And while you're thinking about spring … think about volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Spring is a great time to volunteer, because as the weather warms up there are so many opportunities to share little moments and wide open spaces with a young person. Do you or someone you know have a little time for some springtime fun?

Here are three Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteering opportunities that may be perfect for someone just like you!

Community-based Big Brothers Big Sisters
Volunteers provide Littles with one-on-one time and attention in their communities, typically two to four times a month. These unique outings are tailored to Bigs' and Littles' unique interests. Through friendship, Bigs experience the joy of helping children discover a world of possibilities and opportunities.

Big Brothers Big Sisters in Schools
Volunteers provide Littles with one-on-one time and attention in their schools, typically once a week during the academic year. Teachers identify children who can benefit most from interaction with a caring adult. As their friendships evolve, volunteers and children discover ways to make school and learning fun.

Amachi Big Brothers Big Sisters
Amachi faith community members serve children of incarcerated parents. An onsite volunteer coordinator provides a point of contact for ongoing volunteer support and information. Because the faith community is a common meeting ground, there are enhanced opportunities for group events involving matches, or for support and training activities for volunteers.

Learn more about volunteering.

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Luxury, performance ... generosity

Mercedes-Benz is known for outstanding innovation in their luxury automobiles. So it's little wonder they've come up with an innovative way to help Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor to children and young adults.

From April 10 - 20, thanks to Mercedes Benz, fans of the Rolling Stones will be able to bid on two very special items in an online auction. A one-of-a-kind Rolling Stones Edition R-Class Mercedes and a Fender Telecaster guitar have been personally autographed by each member of the Rolling Stones: Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts.

Mercedes Benz is donating the proceeds from the auction to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Which means the real winners will be the Little Sisters and Little Brothers we serve. Own a piece of rock and roll history and help us achieve our transformative vision: better lives for children and families, better schools, and stronger communities for all.

Learn more about the online auction.

Donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Thank you for supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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