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Big Brothers Big Sisters in the News

Big Brothers Big Sisters in the News

Take a closer look at some amazing stories that have appeared in the news recently that feature Big Brothers Big Sisters.

What’s made from 1600 lbs of sugar, 200 lbs of popcorn and has a bit more frosting than the average cake? The Great Wolf Lodge gingerbread house at Traverse City, MI! It’s officially the holidays when Great Wolf Lodge celebrates their annual Snowland celebration at each of their nationwide locations. This year, HGTV’s Carter Oosterhouse provided his expertise to the sugary structures while helping to promote a Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraiser. “For just $20 you’re able to dine inside the house with proceeds benefiting local Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies. It’s such a nice way to positively impact your local community during the holidays.” said Oosterhouse.

It’s the holiday season and Diablo’s 2012 Threads of Hope winners truly embody the spirit of this giving season. Among this year’s winners is Lorrie Sullenberger, who has kept in contact with her Little Sister Sara, who she first met in 1985 when she originally got involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Lorrie, who is the wife of the heroic Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (pilot who safely landed US Airways Flight 1549 in New York’s Hudson River), has spent the last three decades as a life changing influence for her Little. When Sara and Lorrie first met, Sara was just four years old. For years, their relationship blossomed from Friday night dinners to something much more: Sara and Lorrie became family. Now that Sara is all grown up, Lorrie still serves as a role model to Sara and is as close to her as ever. Read more about Lorrie Sullenberger and the rest of the 2012 Threads of Hope winners.

Recently, Big Brothers Big Sisters deployed QlikView, which gives the organization the ability to build a centralized information infrastructure, improve donor relations and grant processes and increase effectiveness of “Big” and “Little” matches. With the growing number of children and mentors in the program, it is essential that the organization manages its database efficiently. Initially, Big Brothers Big Sisters gravitated to QlikView because of the importance of accessing data and its undeniable relevance to secure funding. After installing QlikView to around fifty employees of the national office, there was very little time before the entire organization began to feel its benefits. Since the implementation of QlikView, it has had a major positive effect on the efficiency of grants and as well as gathering data to improve match effectiveness. “QlikView gives Big Brothers Big Sisters of America the tools needed to look at all of our Littles and Volunteers, identify areas for improvement, ensure donors are receiving accurate and timely data, and keep the organization focused on its mission to provide caring adult mentors for children across the country,” said Brian Moffo, Director of Business Intelligence at Big Brothers Big Sisters. To learn more about this upgrade, read the full Big Brothers Big Sisters QlikView case study.

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