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Former Little Brother Searches for Long-Lost Big

Former Little Brother Searches for Long Lost Big

Aaron Brundage was just 7 years old when he first met his Big Brother, Pete, 31 years ago in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh mentoring program. Aaron grew up with a single parent and didn’t get to see his dad very often. “We had just moved to a different neighborhood and my mom wanted me to have another male in my life to spend some time with,” Aaron said.

Pete was Aaron’s Big Brother for only one year, but in that short time, he ended up having a profound impact on Aaron for many years. “It would have been great if we could have spent more time together,” Aaron said. Unfortunately, after that Initial year, Pete moved back to his hometown of Salem, Ohio. Despite efforts to reunite, Aaron has not been able to contact Pete.

Aaron vividly recalls memories of his time with Pete, which include trips to visit Pete’s parents andbiking together on the East Busway as it was being built. To Aaron, the most influential aspect of his and Pete’s relationship was the fact that Pete was very considerate and paid close attention to him.
“What stuck out the most is that he cared,” Aaron said. “He spent time with me and acknowledged the things that I did. That was important, that somebody took interest in the things that I took interest in.”

Currently living in Albuquerque, N.M., Aaron is an engineer working at Sandia National Laboratories, which has a philanthropic group that promotes volunteerism and fundraises for organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters. “There is a very high level of volunteerism at Sandia so it’s a good place to find people who want to give back,” Aaron said. The support for Big Brothers Big Sisters at Sandia runs all the way up to board executives who initiate various promotional activities and approve vital grants that fund local Big Brothers Big Sisters programs. Currently, Aaron and the Big Brothers Big Sisters support group at Sandia are working with executives to get support for the Mentor2.0 program, a technology enriched one-to-one youth mentoring program targeting high school students and providing them the right support and guidance needed to succeed after high school.

Aaron’s previous connection with the mentoring program was discovered by Sandia when he was featured in a news article that highlighted his work in the community, which prompted him to begin his search for his former mentor. This rapid exposure of Aaron’s story lead him back Pittsburgh to reconnect with his prior Match Support Specialist, Linda Skosnik. Despite the emotional reunion with Linda, Aaron is still continues to search for Pete, who he believes still lives in Salem, OH. His timing could not be better, as Big Brothers Big Sisters’ “Reunite Now” campaign, a nationwide initiative to reconnect Big Brothers Big Sisters alumni with the organization and each other, launched at the beginning of the year.

Even though Aaron’s search still continues, his story has touched many people throughout the Sandia network and country. Not only is Aaron truly committed to find his former Big he also hopes that his story will inspire other Big Brothers Big Sisters alumni to join the “Reunite Now” movement and find their long lost match. “Hopefully, if I am able to find Pete and reunite with him, my story can be used as a successful example!” Aaron said.

If you are an alumni of Big Brothers Big Sisters; whether you are a former Big, Little, donor, board member or employee; we encourage you to visit ReuniteNow.org to join our alumni network. You are also invited to join our Alumni Group on Facebook, where members have the opportunity to submit their stories for a chance to reunite at the Big Brothers Big Sisters National Conference this June in Denver, CO.

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