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That's a Wrap for National Mentoring Month!

Jared and Isaiah on the Purple Carpet!

A National Mentoring Month...cake?!

As National Mentoring Month comes to a close, we would like reflect on some of the successes Big Brothers Big Sisters’ agencies across the country. Our theme this month has focused on recognizing and honoring our Bigs, our mentors, as the true celebrities they are in the eyes of their Littles.

The start of the month was marked with a special video message from Big Brothers Big Sisters President and CEO, Charles Pierson and a first time Big Brothers Big Sisters National Mentoring Month Badge. The Badge made a huge splash in the Social Media world and could be found everywhere, from Facebook to Twitter and Instagram and even on a cake!

Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies really capitalized on social media for National Mentoring Month 2014 by sharing match stories to Facebook, helping to put a personal touch and a face to the impact that mentoring can have on both Littles and Bigs. For instance, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati has been posting daily photos, “Match of the Day,” along with bios and statements, sometimes written by the Bigs and Littles.Other agencies, capitalized on their social media savvy to spread the word about how amazing our Bigs are. Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Bigs even got some encouraging shout outs from some of our celebrity ambassadors, supporters, and even our spokesman Jamie Foxx!

National Thank Your Mentor Day was Jan.16 and the three Big Brothers Big Sisters E-cards drew a lot of attention. More than 2500 of these specially designed cards were sent out nationally to thank some of the 200,000 Bigs for their dedication and commitment to their Littles.

Many agencies worked to engage their local lawmakers and leadership. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeastern Pennsylvania, for example, was honored by the Council of Delaware County by having January declared “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeastern Pennsylvania Month.” Other agencies around the country have worked with local town, city and county officials to get official proclamations to establish January as National Mentoring Month, lending exposure to Big Brothers Big Sisters and the cause or mentoring.

There have also been plenty of fun partnerships, parties and Purple Carpet events to show recognition and appreciation for the amazing work that our Bigs do each day. Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Midlands partnered with a local ice cream shop to create their own special flavor, “Big Swirl, Little Crunch” andhosted a special event for Thank Your Mentor Day, and received plenty of local media attention!

Lots of media attention for a Thank Your Mentor Day Purple Carpet event held in Denton, outside of Dallas, Texas. Little, Isaiah surprised his Big, Jared Broach after class on the University of North Texas campus. The event had a great turnout including other Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mentors and staff, Jared’s parents and grandparents.

It was a thrill to see how creative and dedicated Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies were in demonstrating their recognition, honoring their Bigs this past month. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is proud of the hard work our agencies, their staff and our Bigs do, day in and day out.

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