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A Look at How Technology Helps Support Mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters

"The Able Altruist" writes for Software Advice and posts about various technological and software-based tools that can be useful for non-profit and charitable organizations in furthering their cause. Writer, Janna Finch recently put together a story looking at a few different non-profit organizations, specifically pointing out examples of how technology works in support of their respective functions.

A part of the article focused on Big Brothers Big Sisters and its use of technology to monitor and support various matches between Bigs and Littles. A portion of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America’s mission statement specifically references "professionally supported one-to-one relationships," referring to the ongoing work conducted by Match Support Specialists who continually monitor the health and status of matches with regular calls and in-person meetings.

Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies rely on technology to provide this kind of professionally supported monitoring, as there are more than 630,000 children, their families and mentors actively engaged in the program. Without the support of the management system AIM, that task would prove extremely daunting and time consuming. AIM generates call lists and helps Match Support Specialists and agency staff to schedule, monitor and input notes regarding these regularly scheduled calls.

At the start, contact is made on a monthly basis, but that gets scaled back the further into a match relationship the Big and Little are. This system allows the ongoing support of these matches to receive the proper amount of attention needed to ensure that the relationship is progressing as it should.

Jolynn Kenney, the director of quality assurance and program performance for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound, discusses how many Littles face a variety of adverse situations, and that a technology system like AIM allows Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies to stay in contact, to monitor matches.

“Few mentors have experience dealing with the issues important to children in these situations, so we stay in constant contact to coach them and to help them build genuine relationships with Littles," Kenney said in an interview with "The Able Altruist."

This technology, "The Able Altruist" points out, allows Big Brothers Big Sisters to better carry out its mission of providing professionally supported one-to-one relationships between Bigs and Littles to improve the life of the Little. The direct and efficient support from the agencies for the matches helps further Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mission.

"How the Red Cross Reduces Volunteer Relationships" by Janna Finch (The Able Altruist) – Big Brothers Big Sisters mentioned in last section

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