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Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Suncoast Helping Kids Who Have Had a Brush with the Law

Big Brothers Big Sisters always strives to reach to at-risk children, including children with incarcerated parents or from broken families. Children in these situations often have difficulty in school, and are more at-risk to have legal run-ins themselves.

Big Brother Big Sisters of the Suncoast is currently working to expand its mentoring opportunities to children who have had previous issues with the juvenile justice system through a program called the Juvenile Justice Mentoring Initiative.

The mayor, county sheriff, police chief, fire chief and a high school principal make up an advisory board heading up the initiative and they will focus on providing mentorship rather than intervention or disciplinary action.

Studies and experts have determined that children and youth who have had past issues with the judicial system tend to resist authority figures. This group of leaders teaming up with Big Brothers big Sisters of the Suncoast says that having a mentor is less threatening and looks forward to making a difference for these young people and their community.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Suncoast

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