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  • Big Impacts: Held to Higher Standards
  • Growing up is never easy. It is especially hard when you are the second oldest of five sisters raised by a single mother. In 2009, Cyrenna (CyCy) was introduced to her new Big Sister, Brianne. Skeptical about the opportunity, CyCy often challenged her Big Sister. “I honestly believed she would leave me sooner or later, so why not sooner rather than later,” said Little Sister CyCy. Brianne soon proved that she was not like other adult figures in CyCy’s life and would be there, regardless of all of the challenges they both may face.

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Become a Mentor

Jamie Foxx, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America's National Spokesperson, often credits his grandmother with being his role model during his youth. She encouraged him to pursue learning to play the piano. All children need someone to inspire and encourage their passions and to help them achieve success in life. By signing up to become a Big Brother or Big Sister, you can be that person for a child in your community.


  • Big Impacts: Overcoming Adversity
  • The world can be a very scary place for any 10-year-old. This is especially true for someone with Asperger's, a condition that affects the ability to socialize and communicate. Thanks to the help from his Big Brother Sean, Little Brother Miles has grown tremendously from a shy, inward child to a happy, smiling young boy with plenty to say. Many kids let their personality traits make it hard for them to try new things or understand how to deal with certain situations. Big Brother Sean identified this as a key area to work on early in their match. Little Brother Miles used to feel lonely and would get upset when faced with life changes. But with the support of his Big Brother Sean, Miles is now learning to overcome new things and new emotions.

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In The News

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Columbia a Group of Angels
  • Recently Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Columbia (S.C.) received laudable recognition from South Carolina Secretary of State, Mark Hammond, who named the organization among the “Angels” on the state’s annual “Scrooges and Angels” list for nonprofits for 2013.

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Each year half a million people across America come together to have fun and raise money to support Big Brothers Big Sisters with Bowl for Kids' Sake. The funds raised help support approximately 200,000 Bigs and Littles by providing ongoing support for children, families and volunteers to build and sustain long-lasting relationships. Learn more >>

Bowling News

  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road…for Kids’ Sake
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Manitowoc County (Wis.) opted for a “Wizard of Oz” theme this year. Bowlers came dressed in a variety of costumes, including witches, flying monkeys, scarecrows and the tin man, along with a wizard and even a yellow brick road, all while raising more than $90,000.
  • National Youth Violence Prevention Week
  • The week of April 7 - 11 is National Youth Violence Prevention Week! During this week, there will be a call to raise awareness and discussion of issues related to youth violence. The National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) will work as an information and resource center, providing an action kit and instruction on how to make the most of the campaign. As a prominent issue today, youth violence, and this campaign, can be something worth discussing with your Little. 

If you wish to donate clothing or other items, please call your local Big Brothers Big Sisters agency. To find that agency, click on the “find a local agency” link, enter your zip code and call the phone number provided.

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