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Start Something [Again]

Looking to Find Your Long Lost Mentoring Match?Did you have a Little Brother or Little Sister earlier in life with whom you lost contact? Are you looking for the special Big Brothers Big Sisters staff member who helped your mentoring relationship grow? Social media is a great place to Start Something [again.]™

Start reconnecting

Big Brothers Big Sisters match support professionals know what it takes to develop a strong mentoring relationship. Many Bigs and Littles stay friends for 10, 15, 20 or more years after their match through our program formally closes.

Sometimes, life can take even the best of friends down different paths. Social media is a great way to reconnect.

Through Big Brothers Big Sisters 2013 Start Something [again] effort, you might find your long lost Big, Little or Big Brothers Big Sisters friend. Post a message to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America’s Facebook alumni group. Not sure what to say? Try something like this.

I was a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters in (City, State, or Region) about (how many) years ago. I’m looking for my former (Big Brother, Big Sister, Little Brother, Little Sister, mentoring specialist) named (First Name). Can you help me Reunite Now? Leave me a comment with any information you might have.

Tips to remember:

  1. When posting on Big Brothers Big Sisters of America’s Timeline, use only the first names of people associated with our program. We respect the safety and privacy of all those in our program and will need to delete your post.
  2. Facebook is a public venue. Review the site’s privacy settings before posting in a public forum, especially since you’re asking strangers to message you.
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