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Let’s Make a Reunion Happen at the National Conference!

Earlier this year, Big Brothers Big Sisters launched the Reunite Now campaign, a nationwide initiative to reconnect alumni with the organization.

Due to the growing enthusiasm of Big Brothers Big Sisters alumni wanting to reunite with their prior matches, the Big Brothers Big Sisters Alumni Group on Facebook was formed. The main purpose of the group is to create an open forum for all Big Brothers Big Sisters alumni that are looking for their prior match. We invite all alumni to join the group and promote it on their own social media pages.

During the Big Brothers Big Sisters National Conference in Denver, we plan to reunite a long-lost match during a special reception on Wednesday, June 26. If you or any other alumni you know have located a prior match but not yet reunited, please join the Big Brothers Big Sisters Alumni Group on Facebook and post a video explaining how you found each other and why you want to reunite in person. A panel of judges will select the most compelling story and make the reunion happen in Denver. There’s a good chance you could be the match who reunites at the National Conference!

Join the group now.

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