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As January is National Mentoring Month, Big Brothers Big Sisters wants to provide a section of our website for all the Bigs out there. We hope to make this a space where Bigs can share tips, stories, best practices and ideas for things you (and other Bigs) can do with your Littles. The way we see it, Bigs are the “Super Stars” of Big Brothers Big Sisters – they are what makes it all happen, and they are, in large part, one of the reasons we are where we are today. The impact Bigs make cannot, and should not, be understated…especially during Mentoring Month!

We want to hear from you, so send us your ideas! If you and your Little did a fun activity together, send us a picture or two; tell us what you were up to. Heard of a useful website or resource that you and other Bigs can use to help their Littles with their homework? That’s great – tell us about it, and we will get it posted.

If you have anything you think would be useful for others that should be included in this section, feel free to reach out to us at

  • National Youth Violence Prevention Week
  • The week of April 7 - 11 is National Youth Violence Prevention Week! During this week, there will be a call to raise awareness and discussion of issues related to youth violence. The National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) will work as an information and resource center, providing an action kit and instruction on how to make the most of the campaign. As a prominent issue today, youth violence, and this campaign, can be something worth discussing with your Little. 
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  • Academy of American Poets Invites Young People to Write Poems for National Poetry Month
  • This could be a great creative activity that Bigs can encourage their Littles to participate in. The Academy of American Poets is calling on young people around the country to try their hand at some poetry, to enter into a competition with the chance of having their poem selected for publication! Definitely be sure to take a look.
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  • Workout Sticks in a Cup!
  • Here's a fantastic idea brought to us by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Anderson & Franklin Counties (Kansas). Big Brothers Big Sisters always tries to impress upon Bigs that the activities they plan do not have to (and should not!) be expensive or overly involved. But if you are strapped for ideas, and want to do something different from watching TV or playing video games, check out this innovative and fun idea for an activity that's, well, active!

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  • Scholarship Opportunities for Children of Single Parents
  • If any Littles raised by single parents are approaching college-age, we're including a link to some resources that might prove useful. There are several national scholarships available specifically for children of single parents. Bigs should feel free to share these opportunities with their Littles to help put their best foot forward in submitting scholarship applications!
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  • Some Useful Suggestions!
  • As a resource for Bigs, we try to include content, tips and advice in Big Stuff that should prove useful in helping Bigs. Whether your Little needs help with homework, or you just need some ideas or suggestions on activities and things to do when you spend time together, sometimes even a seemingly simple suggestion can prove to be a great activity.
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  • National Missing Children’s Day Poster Contest Extended to March 14
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of America has an ongoing partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and most recently, the National Criminal Justice Training Center: Fox Valley Technical College.
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  • Nominate Your Little for Hasbro Community Action Hero!
  • Is your Little a super hero?  Do they volunteer in the community and make a difference.  Bigs, nominate your Little for The Hasbro Community Action Hero Award that  recognizes outstanding young volunteers who show that you are never too young to make a difference.
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  • A Little Time Can be a Big Help
  • Throughout National Mentoring Month, Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies across the country have sought opportunities to draw attention to the cause of mentoring, and to show that even a small amount of time and effort can still make an impact.
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  • Vans Custom Culture Art and Design Competition
  • Vans, the shoe and clothing company, has recently opened registration for a competition geared toward high school students, encouraging them to get creative by designing a custom artistic shoe design on a blank pair of Vans shoes. This could be a fun opportunity for any Bigs with older Littles to look into. Check it out!
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  • Fun Activities for Bigs and Littles
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters always tries to stress that there are plenty of inexpensive, fun, and even sometimes educational (gasp!) activities that Bigs can do with their Littles. Obviously, spending time together is the most important thing, however there are some pretty simple things you can do together that you will both enjoy.
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  • Tips for Smarter Studying
  • As Littles are headed back to school after the long holiday break, sometimes it can be difficult to get back in the groove. The importance of education and effective habits at school cannot be overstressed. It is necessary for a Big to take an interest in their Little's academic life, to help them make the most of their educational experience. Effective studying plays a crucial role in academic success.
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  • National Missing Children’s Day Poster Contest: Using Art to Raise Awareness about Missing Children
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of America has an ongoing partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and most recently, the National Criminal Justice Training Center: Fox Valley Technical College.
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