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 Do you make a killer Cabernet or the perfect Pale Ale?

Click here to register your beer or wine! 

Entry Guidelines:

All beer and wine entered will be considered for the People's Choice competition as well as the Professional Judging Competition.  All persons who submit entries for the competition are expected to serve their own beers and wines during the entire event and are allowed to bring one guest to help serve event attendees. If a brewer or vintner submits one or two different types of beer or wine, the entry fee is $25.  For three or more entries, the fee will be waived. Amateur beer and wine makers are encouraged to submit as many entries as they like. Winners will be announced at the end of the event. Professional Judging will be broken down into categories (specific categories to be determined), and participants will receive feedback from judges.


Requirements for Entry*:

A minimum of one case of beer (24 twelve oz. bottles) or the equivalent.  Due to the expected attendance of the event, brewers are encouraged to bring more if possible. 

A minimum of 6 bottles of wine (standard 750 mL) or the equivalent. Due to the expected attendance of the event, vintners are encouraged to bring more if possible.

All persons who submit entries for the competition are expected to serve their own beers or wines throughout the entire competition, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., and are allowed to bring one guest to help serve. Samples will be 2 oz for beer and 1 oz for wine.  All entries must be brought to the Bottlecaps & Corks event location (Wellfield Botanic Gardens, 1011 N. Main St. Elkhart, IN) on the day of the event (May 21, 2016) between noon and 2 p.m. Participants must be ready for judging to begin by 2 p.m.  

There will be a VIP hour between 3:00-4:00 p.m. before General Admission, and brewers and vintners are encouraged to bring reserve styles for those with VIP tickets.  Reserve styles will be ineligible for judging.  There is no minimum or maximum requirement for reserve styles- if you have something great that you'd like to share, you're encouraged to bring it!


*If you would like to submit but do not meet the requirements above, please call 574-535-9024 or email

Brewers and vintners can enter their submissions here!

Instructions for Entry:

If you would like to enter either one or two beer(s) or wine(s) in the event, you must meet the minimum requirements for each entry.  When registering one or two entries, select "One or Two Entries"; for three or more beers or wines, please select "Three or More Entries".  \Please indicate the style/type of entry(s) in the comments at the end of the registration process.  You will only need to purchase one ticket. After registering your beer or wine, BBBS will confirm the amount, style, and name of the beer/wine along with the name of the brewer/vintner and guest.  Please submit all information regarding the beer or wine to BBBS by 5/16/2016. Entries will be closed 5/16/2016.  


*If you have any questions about submissions or guidelines, call the BBBS office at 574-535-9024 or email


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