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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Missouri has tax credits available!

Individuals and businesses interested in receiving tax credits can make a donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Missouri of $500 or more*. These tax credits are made possible through the Youth Opportunities Program. The use of tax credits allows a donor to receive the majority of their gift back at the end of the year when combining a 50% Missouri tax credit with federal and state charitable deductions.  This program allows you to leverage a small net expense into a significant donation to help change the life of a child here in Central Missouri.

Example: Cash donation

Donation: $500

Less charitable gift deduction  $500
      State 6%
      Federal 35%
 Less 50% Missouri Tax Credit
Year End Net Donor Cost:

Example: Appreciated Stock Donation

Donation value (cost basis $4,000) $10,000

Less charitable gift deduction $10,000
      State 6%    -600
      Federal 35%    -3, 500
Less 50% Missouri tax credit   -5,000
Less capital gains tax savings (15% x $6000)      
Year End Net Donor Cost

These tax credits are available on a first come, first served basis. Tax credits may be applied to the tax year in which the donation was made or anytime within the next five tax years. To inquire about making a donation and/or to receive an application for claiming tax credits, please contact Heather Dimitt at 573-874-3677 ext. 201 or heather@bigsofcentralmo.org.

This serves as an example only. Individual situations may vary. Please consult your legal and tax advisors for more information on ways this program can specifically benefit you.

*Exceptions available.

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