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On May 15, 2009 the Littles of Bigs in Schools from Twin Lakes Elementary thanked their Bigs by having a breakfast and presenting them with thank you letters they had written. Some of the letters (typed as written) can be found below.

Miguel wrote to his Big Scott Archey: 

Dear Scot,

Thank you for playing with me becaus sometimes I have no body to pla with you are the best bigBrother in the whole wide world and when you tolde me when. you chrafl arow the world it was cool.

Carina wrote to her Big Kristen Woodward:

Dear Ms. Kristen,

Thank you for taking time out of your day just for me. I has a great time. It was speshel to me because I got better in reading. Your funny and friendly.

Tyreke wrote to his Big Kristian Thoreson:

Dear Kristan,

Thank you for being my big brother and I can't wait until you come. and thank you for giving me breakfast and thank you for playing with me and thank you for talking to me

Philip wrote to his Big David Miracle:

Dear Mr. David,

Thank you for being my big brother. We play fun games. We talk about lots of things. You are nice and you are fun!

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