Each match between a Big and a Little is special. Each has its first match meeting, its own obstacles to overcome, and ultimately its own outcomes in the lives changed. Each match has its own story, some of which you will read here. Our match stories are called “Big Impacts” because they celebrate not just the impact of the Big on the Little, but also the impact of the match on the families, the impact of the Little on the Big, and the impact of the Big Brothers Big Sisters agency that supported everyone along the way.

Big Sister Katy and Little Sister Trina

A Present Big is the Best Present


Big Sister Katy says she knows she benefited from mentors in her own life, people who had supported and pushed her to reach her potential. “My father, a high school principal, often mentioned to me if more children had a mentor – a positive, trusted person – in their lives, opportunities would look a lot different for them,” Katy says. Now, she’s playing that role for Little Sister Trina, a child who bounced from her birth mother to foster care in her early life, before being adopted at age 3.


Big Brother Tohib and Little Brother Makhari

A Big’s Investment Pays Dividends


As a football coach, Big Brother Tohib saw that boys truly needed positive adult role models. Growing up, he had caring parents who pushed him to reach his potential. “They never settled for ‘good,’” he says. “I always had to work harder.” With his parents’ encouragement, Tohib went to school for finance and earned his Master’s degree. He wanted to give back and help kids who might not have such positive adults in their lives, so he became a Big Brother. He was matched with Little Brother Makhari.


Big Sister Amanda and Little Sister Kelly

One Big shows how ‘compassionate energy’ can change a Little’s life


Big Sister Amanda and Little Sister Kelly have been matched for over nine years, and Amanda is already looking forward to the day when Kelly is matched with her own Little Sister. She knows Kelly will make a great Big, because she’s already a good role model for her siblings, a hardworking student, and a girl who has been through a lot but stayed strong and positive.