Chief Executive Officer [Springfield, MO]

Position Overview

Position Title: Chief Executive Officer

Overtime Status: Exempt

Location: 3372 West Battlefield Road Springfield, MO 65807

Reports To: Board of Directors

Supervisory Responsibility: Yes

Position Purpose

Leads the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks (BBBSO) agency to ensure the mission, strategy, values and goals of the organization are achieved while maintaining a high level of involvement via staff, board members and volunteers.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Business Planning and Execution- Develop and drive the annual operating plan of the organization within the context of the nationwide strategic direction and board approved strategic plan; drives a collaborative process with the Board and staff. Uses performance metrics and quality indicators to guide operational decision-making. Assesses critical numbers during weekly staff meetings and manages staff to address short term goals.

Board Development- Cultivates a strong Board of Directors willing to lead and contribute to the fund development and success of the organization. Works to assure independent governance oversight and performance accountability of the board and the CEO.

Talent Management –Attracts, retains, develops and leverages staff talent. Creates an environment where staff is engaged and performing at high levels. Institutes and utilize an effective performance management system for all employees that include annual objective setting and evaluation.

Financial Management – Knowledge of the basic concepts of open-book management, which achieves results by creating and empowering financially literate employees, and the benefits of projecting financials forward as a proactive approach to fiscal management. Oversees the creation and review of the annual audit, budget, and monthly financials.

Fund Development – Pro-actively ensures that the organization develops strong long-term relationships with large scale individual, foundation and corporate donors/funders. Develops and maintains relationships with the United Way, Rock’n Ribs, Price Cutter Charity Championship, Outdoor Bass Pro Fitness Festival, and other community partners. Personally, builds and maintains key relationships to ensure fund development strategy is achieved.

Program Impact – Ensures that comprehensive marketing strategies are developed to attract, engage and mobilize significant numbers of volunteer mentors. Ensures programmatic excellence and maximum program impact is achieved by establishing operational benchmarks, setting timelines and making child safety a priority. Carries out the long-term vision for the agency in collaboration with the Board of Directors and Advisory Council.

Ambassador and Spokesperson – Represents Big Brothers Big Sisters at external partnership events and with the media. Positively influences partners, the media and public policies to generate volunteers, donors and other resources to further the agency’s mission and achieve the agency’s strategic goals.

Human Resources and Agency Policies – Oversees personnel issues alongside the Program and Personnel committee, while enforcing and revising the personnel policy to reflect necessary changes. Reviews salary ranges and benefits for staff on a bi-annual basis to ensure they are competitive according to industry averages. Develops necessary and/or recommended polices and best practices for the agency, and ensures the agency is in compliance with approved agency and board policies.
Other duties as assigned.

Leadership Competencies

Strategic and Visionary Leadership
• Thinks big picture, separating the critical from the routine. Develops vision and strategies that position the organization for growth. Provides focus for organization.
• Gains commitment from others to achieve the vision.
• Allocates and aligns resources to achieve strategy; forecasts and prepares for contingencies.

Trusted Influencer and Relationship Builder
• Invests in internal and external relationships that are sustainable over time.
• Actively networks with potential strategic partners/individuals and coaches his/her team to form partnerships and collaborations.
• Models and requires collaboration with others, taking time to build trust and explore mutual interests. Builds commitment vs. compliance.
• Passes on to managers insights about potentially challenging dynamics in the organization; coaches managers around how to navigate difficult relationships and form effective relationships with others.

Ethics and Values
• Translates and operationalizes vision in a way that is grounded in the agency shared values.
• Acts in an ethical manner reflecting core values of integrity, transparency, accountability, respect and responsibility. Acts above reproach in all that is done on behalf of BBBS.
• Models openness, honesty and accountability to colleagues, volunteers, donors and all others involved with BBBS.
• Provides a work environment that values diversity and inclusion among volunteers and employees regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, age, veteran status or disability.

Enterprise and Systems Thinking
• Employs a broad perspective to balance priorities in a way that accomplishes the overall goals of the agency.
• Demonstrates understanding of the financial and other drivers that influence agency success; uses this business acumen to influence others, create shared goals and drive initiatives.
• Reconciles tension between growth and stability; allocates resources in order to build and leverage multiple capabilities to capture funding opportunities.
• Thoughtfully reaches decisions and evaluates the impact of decisions on agency systems, processes and people.

Drive for Results and Performance
• Sets and executes high-performance targets through focus and drive toward a measurable standard of excellence.
• Establishes systems and processes that hold managers/employees accountable for their actions and results; motivates Board and staff to create a high-performance culture.
• Shows resilience when targets are not met; develops action plans to address shortfalls; incorporates performance feedback from others and makes adjustments; can be counted on to ‘come back strong’ rather than lose drive.
• Focuses on migrating authority and decision making to the lowest possible levels to lead an efficient, action-oriented and learning culture; accepts the associated risks and mistakes in the spirit of continuous learning.

Change Leadership
• Champions change initiatives undertaken by the agency by leading and energizing others around such strategies.
• Introduces change at a pace that is grounded in the need to achieve strategic objectives.
• Identifies significant obstacles or resistance to change and works to resolve issues by pulling (influencing), rather than pushing others to change.
• Solicits input from employees about changes and addresses them.

Customer Focus
• Makes extra efforts to meet customer needs, surface underlying customer concerns and interests and builds customer loyalty.
• Creates and maintains an organizational culture that defines “customers” broadly including employees, donors, and volunteers. Treats all customers with respect and integrity.
• Aligns systems and processes to ensure responsiveness and to anticipate customer needs.

Education & Experience
Education Level: (minimum & preferred educational requirements necessary to perform this job
Bachelor’s Degree in business administration or related field; Graduate level degree preferred.
Years of Related Work Experience: (minimum & preferred related work experience necessary perform this
job successfully)
Minimum of 5 years management or related work experience.
Skills & Knowledge
• Strategic thinking, planning, and project/ process/systems management skills.
• Entrepreneurial approach to the use of scarce resources
• Knows how to manage simultaneously for short, mid and long-term results
• Strategic and visionary leader
• Proven interpersonal and team building skills.
• Board development
• Fund development
• Excellent verbal/written communications.
• Ability to lead complex, multi-component projects to successful outcomes. Ability to negotiate and influence effectively in high impact situations with stakeholders at all levels
• Ability to effectively motivate, develop and manage the work of others in a dynamic, complex and fast-paced work environment.
• Intermediate MS Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
• QuickBooks experience preferred.
• BBBSO currently practices The Great Game of Business / Open Book Management and knowledge of this management process and/or a willingness to learn and adopt it is expected.

About the Agency

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks (BBBSO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and United Way partner agency that believes that every child can succeed and even thrive in life. Most children served by Big Brothers Big Sisters are in single-parent and low-income families or households where a parent is incarcerated. As the nation’s largest donor and volunteer supported mentoring network, Big Brothers Big Sisters supports life changing friendships between professionally screened adult volunteers (Bigs) and children (Littles). BBBSO has served children in southwest Missouri since 1983 and in 2015 supported nearly 650 matches.

Big Brothers Big Sisters provides a system of ongoing evaluation and support, which independent studies prove helps Littles perform better in school, avoid risky behaviors, and grow up to be productive, engaged citizens. Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks (BBBSO) received the Gold Standard Award in 2015 and was named one of the top 16 agencies out of over 325 agencies nationwide. The Gold Standard Award is a way for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to recognize
agencies that have demonstrated exemplarily high achievement and measured quality outcomes for the children and families they serve in their communities. Learn more at

Equal Employment Opportunity
BBBSO provides equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, or non-disqualifying physical or mental handicap or disability.

Americans with Disabilities Act
Applicants as well as employees who are or become disabled must be able to perform the essential duties & responsibilities either unaided or with reasonable accommodation. The organization shall determine reasonable accommodation on a case-by-case basis in accordance with applicable law.

Job Responsibilities
The above statements reflect the general duties, responsibilities and competencies considered necessary to perform the essential duties & responsibilities of the job and should not be considered as a detailed description of all the work requirements of the position. BBBSO may change the specific job duties with or without prior notice based on the needs of the organization.