Director of Program Services [San Antonio, Texas]

Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas

Job Description:  Director of Program Services

Immediate Supervisor: Executive VP of Outcomes

Broad Function:  Provide youth with safe, effective mentoring relationships that change their lives for the better forever.

Program Responsibilities: 

Child Safety:

  1. Develop a thorough understanding of child safety as defined by BBBSST.
  2. Attend child safety staff trainings.
  3. Develop a thorough understanding of volunteer “Red Flags,” both pre and post matching.
  4. Use judgment regarding how to best ensure the wellbeing and safety of every child in a variety of situations.

General Service Delivery

  1. Maintain a strong, demonstrable working knowledge of the agency program manual.
  2. Attend on-going program training sessions including Cultural Competency Training and Developmental Relationship/40 Assets Training among others.
  3. Follow all documentation policies.

Volunteer Management:

  1. Support the Volunteer Management team to effectively screen and support volunteers to be in the best position to benefit the youth we serve through a one to one mentoring relatuionship.
  2. Develop an understanding of all training offered to volunteers and attend trainings regularly.
  3. Supervise the Lead Volunteer Manager.
  4. Perform any and all functions of the volunteer management position as needed.  This includes:
    1. Interviewing volunteers.
    2. Conducting volunteer safety training.
    3. Making assessments of matchability and recording that assessment.
    4. Creating match proposals and pitching volunteers.
    5. Making 24 hour calls.
    6. Conducting support sessions.
    7. Updating Achievement Trackers.
    8. Closing matches when necessary.
    9. Conducting updates and reassessments/updates when necessary.

Parent/Youth Management:

  1. Support the Parent/Youth Management team to ensure that parents know where to access BBBS support, parents learn to follow program rules, youth attend Support Sessions with their Big, problems in matches are resolved, matches endure and parents get the training they need to raise highly capable children in safe, effective mentoring relationships.
  2. Develop an understanding of all training offered to parents and attend trainings regularly.
  3. Supervise the Lead Parent & Youth Manager.
  4. Perform any and all functions of the parent & youth management position as needed, to include:
    • Interviewing youth and parents.
    • Creating assessments.
    • Conducting in-home safety training.
    • Reviewing proposals.
    • Pitching parents.
    • Conducting match introductions.
    • Conducting interviews.
    • Obtaining Match Updates.
    • Conducting 3 month check ins.
    • Conducting updates/reassessments as needed.

Cross-Team Collaboration

  1. Work with the DSM team to ensure that volunteers and parents are scheduled for interviews and references are completed in a timely fashion and other enrollment tasks are well done.
  2. Work with the External Relations team to ensure that volunteers, parents and youth get the training they need for safe, effective mentoring relationships.
  3. Work with the Outcomes team to ensure that volunteers have the tools they need to facilitate the maintenance and development of the assets they need to grow up successfully.

Managing and Leading: Coach, guide, support and grow staff to successfully achieve agency goals. (See management responsibilities and goals).



  • Resourceful & Tenacious: persists; finds ways to overcome challenges.
  • Excellence: is committed to quality work and outcomes.
  • Adaptability: can adjust to new conditions; manages stress.
  • Customer Focus:  cares about the satisfaction of all Bigs, Littles, parents and other BBBS stakeholders, including staff.
  • Communication– oral/written: is effective at connecting and exchanging information with others for results.
  • Diversity: values different perspectives and experiences.
  • Teamwork:  provides value to the group.
  • Trustworthy: can be relied on to fulfill the 8 pillars of trust.


  • Judgement: makes considered decisions and comes to sensible conclusions.
  • Training Development Coaching: supports team members and volunteers in reaching their goals.
  • Performance management: utilizes the agency performance management system for goals.
  • Team Building: facilitates your team to work effectively together.


  • Conflict management: identifies and handles conflicts sensibly, fairly, and efficiently.  Assess concerns/issues to identify causes, gather and process relevant information, generate possible solutions, make recommendations and/or draw solid conclusion.
  • Self-awareness: understands own character, feelings, motives, and desires

Required qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree, experience managing staff and volunteers, experience working with families.

Hours: Tues/Wed/Thurs:  10 am – 7 pm; Friday 8-5; Saturday 10-2 (36 hour week)

Performance Measures:  See program scorecard.

Apply:  Send resume and cover letter to