Director of Special Events and Campaigns – [St. Louis, MO]

Location: St. Louis, MO
Salary Range: $50,000-$65,000

Position Description

Do you like to create? Engage new people? Do you like to think about the big messages that need to be conveyed and also ensure that the little details are handled? When you are given a project with a deadline do you jump right on it and get it done on or before the deadline? Are you one that thinks about their audience? Can you rally a team to do extraordinary work and still have fun?

Big Brothers Big Sisters has an unbelievable opportunity for someone with a proven background in special events and campaign management. We are looking for:

  1. A proven professional who will roll up their sleeves to plan and execute events and campaigns that increase fund raising dollars and recruit volunteers.
  2. A leader who can stretch a dollar – live on a modest budget and make amazing things happen.
  3. A self­-starter who isn’t afraid to work hard. Really hard.
  4. Someone who understands what it means to “take ownership” and run with it.
  5. A planner who can map out the steps to success and follow through.
  6. Someone who knows how to bring a diverse team together to plan and create a fun, inspiring, memorable event/campaign.
  7. Someone who is adaptable and quick on their feet – can be brainstorming one minute, hosting an event the next, overseeing every detail.
  8. Someone who is curious – always on the lookout for unique ways to convey the agency’s story and connect with new and interesting people.

ABOUT BBBSEMO – – Find on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @bbbsemo.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri is a growing organization and always focused on taking the best care of its many constituents. It is the 6th largest affiliate in the nation and for over 6 years been the leader in quality service. It focuses its services on youth ages 5-25.

Agency Values and High Performing Culture 

Our staff members are: (1) accountable; (2) adaptable (3) coachable; (4) confident (5) resilient (6) supportive. Living our values is central to our high performing culture is essential in our agency. Finding win-win solutions give us our best opportunity to produce meaningful results for the children and families we serve.

  1. Accountable – We rise above our individual circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary to achieve desired results. We live “above the line”, not “below the line”. We don’t make excuses for our shortcomings like “I didn’t know”, “that’s not my job”, “No one told me”, “I didn’t understand”, etc. We practice the four step accountable process of (1) SEE IT. (2) OWN IT. (3) SOLVE IT. (4) DO IT.
  2. Adaptable – We are always open to change so our organization can respond quickly to a problem or opportunity. We understand that standing still or protecting the status quo is not a viable option. We are willing to jump in and make things happen. We focus on impact, use data, quantitative and qualitative, to make decisions, as close to the issue as possible. We understand that with each change there are new opportunities to improve our services AND advance our careers.
  3. Coachable – We are capable of listening, willing to take constructive feedback and make the necessary changes to be more efficient and effective.
  4. Confident – We approach our work with confidence giving our many audiences, internal and external, assurance that our brand and outcomes are worth the investment of their time, talent and treasure. We demonstrate our professionalism through our thoughtful work, professional appearance and clear and consistent communication. We regularly, formally and informally, communicate our successes and challenges, not only to our teams and supervisors but with others inside and outside the agency who may be of assistance. We know that EVERYONE is available to assist. We “communicate” with others in ways that can be “heard” and we understand the value of closing the loop in conversations. We also know how to apologize when necessary.
  5. Resilient –We are always determined to deliver the very best product/program/service AND reach our goals. We are hard workers. We understand that we must “study our craft” (i.e. read book and articles, attend learning opportunities provided by the agency, seek out mentors) if we are going to maintain the highest program standards and grow professionally within a high performing agency. When we are knocked down, we focus on the positive, get back up and rebuild.
  6. Supportive – We recognize that life can throw you a curve ball and some days are tougher than others. We are here to support each other, our Bigs, Littles and families on those days and in those moments. We believe in teamwork– in fact, our 4:1+1 model is a team model. We work hard together, find time to enjoy each other and celebrate our accomplishments, especially those where we have triumphed over great challenges and uncertainty.


Drive fund raising and volunteer recruitment events. Focus on creating events and campaigns that will capture the hearts and minds of unique audiences.

Support all agency efforts of marketing and communications including colleagues inside and outside the department and including Anew – new event and dining destinations –


  • Lead the team for volunteer recruitment and fund raising events and campaigns.
  • Network and form partnerships inside and outside of the agency. Collaborate with partners where possible, especially with events. Have a general awareness of what other community partners/organizations are doing to stay on-trend.
  • Work closely with department colleagues and others to develop and successfully execute on all events
  • Maintain a very organized system of planning, budgeting, and follow-up to ensure a successful event and/or campaign from launch to closure.
  • Examples of current events/campaigns:
    • Bowl for Kids’ Sake- Fundraising event
    • The Big Event- a celebration event for over 800 Bigs, Parents and Littles
    • The Big League Draft- Volunteer Recruitment event


  • Ability to accomplish projects with little to no supervision
  • Strong planning and organization skills
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Bring creativity to special events and campaigns
  • At least 3-5 years of experience with special events
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and work with a variety of staff and volunteers
  • Excellent interpersonal skills both in person and by phone


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred; significant work experience can substitute for the degree.
  • Knowledge of planning, marketing, communications, social media, budgeting
  • Knowledge of computers and relevant software
  • Knowledge of customer service principles and practices.


  • MS Office Suite-Word/Excel
  • Internet


  • Maintain a professional appearance (neat and well-groomed).
  • Respond professionally to visitors and callers.
  • Ability to present and inspire our diverse service area.


  • Maintain confidentiality and show discretion.
  • Adhere to company policies and procedures.
  • Represent organization in an ethical and professional manner.
  • Maintain a complete knowledge of organizational structure, personnel names and titles.
  • Remain calm under pressure.


  • Salary will be based upon professional and academic experience (salary range – $50,000-$65,000)
  • 401(k) – 3% match per year following first year of employment.
  • .54 cents reimbursement on business miles and 100% of out of office parking for business meetings, etc.
  • Immediate and 100% coverage on health and dental insurance.
  • Life insurance, short term and long term disability insurance following the first ninety days of employment.
  • 50% contribution toward daily parking in covered garage (employee covers approximately $26.00 per month).
  • 10 days of paid vacation after one year of service.
  • Accrue 1 day per month of sick leave (can also be used for family illnesses) – can carry up to 30 days of sick leave.
  • 2 personal days per year following the first ninety days of employment.
  • Annual raises based on performance, culture and agency’s ability.
  • 10 paid holidays.
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Innovative and empowering work environment.
  • Enormous opportunities for advancement.

Application Instructions

Send a cover letter and resume to No in-person or phone applications will be accepted. Please do not call or inquire in person.