Enrollment/Match Support Specialist [Broward County, Florida]

Position Title: Enrollment & Match Support Specialist

School/Site Based Program – BISS/STW

Overtime Status: Exempt if all incumbents are paid more than 23,600 per year.

Department: PROGRAM
Number of People Supervised: N/A

POSITION PURPOSE: Essential to the BBBS brand, the primary function of this position is to ensure that volunteers and children are appropriately enrolled and matched while executing a high degree of independent judgment when utilizing BBBS standards and practices. A high-level customer service, focusing on volunteer options and child safety, is to be demonstrated throughout the volunteer and child enrollment and matching process. Also to provide match support to ensure child safety, positive impacts for youth, constructive and satisfying relationships between children and volunteers, and a strong sense of affiliation with BBBS on the part of volunteers.
Performance Measures: The successful incumbent will produce positive outcomes in the following areas: match closure rate, match retention rate, average match length, volunteer rematch rate, and customer satisfaction. Will produce positive outcomes in the following areas: volunteer yield and processing time; youth yield; youth/parent processing time, customer satisfaction

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