Executive Vice President [Miami, FL]

Agency: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami

Position:  Executive Vice President of Operations

Location: Miami, FL


Job Summary

A key member of executive management that is the second in command to the President & CEO. The EVP of Operations is responsible for maintaining and driving operational results within Big Brothers Big Sisters Miami (BBBS Miami) by working closely with the CEO and other executive management team members. The President & CEO of BBBS Miami is expected to be the Brand Ambassador nationally and in South Florida to help drive program and donor growth. The EVP must be a skilled communicator, effective leader, and driven businessperson who can manage the day-to-day operations, maintain key operational procedures, assist in the creation of new processes and ensure daily operational excellence. In the absence of the President & CEO, the EVP of Operations must be willing and able to represent BBBS Miami.


Essential Duties

  • Provide day to day management to staff and leadership to the organization that aligns with the BBBSA National Standards and the overall BBBS Miami strategic vision and plan with a focus on match growth, donor and alumni growth, and operational efficiency.
    Assist and support the President & CEO in creating, growing and building a world class, industry leading organization.
    Partner with the President & CEO to achieve favorable program and financial results with respect to matches, profitability, cash flow, operational systems, reporting and controls.
    Foster a growth oriented, positive and encouraging environment while keeping employees and management accountable to organization policies, procedures and guidelines.
    Drive organization results from an operational, programmatic, and financial perspective working closely with Program leadership, CFO, CEO and other key executive team members to ensure budgetary and program goals are met.
    Motivate and encourage employees at all levels as one of the key leaders in the organization including but not limited to professional staff, management level employees, and executive leadership team members.
    Create effective measurement tools to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of internal and external processes.
    Provide accurate and timely reports to the President & CEO and to the Board of Directors (as necessary and required) outlining the operational condition of the organization. A weekly operational report to the President & CEO to ensure compliance and strategic focus.
    Work closely with senior management team to create, implement and roll out plans for operational processes, internal infrastructures, reporting systems and organization policies all designed to foster growth, profitability and efficiencies within the organization.
    Maintain a physical presence daily at BBBS Miami headquarters with the clear understanding that the President & CEO will have a consistent external presence in the South Florida community and national landscape for the growth and development of the BBBS brand.

    Strategic development and management of organization’s Safety and Security Protocols
    Provide strategic guidance and support to managers and supervisors as it relates to Emergency Management
    Oversee the management, development and upkeep of strategic IT plan as well as agency computer network system
    Establish contracts and pricing with building contractors and suppliers and ensuring proper building maintenance


    Oversee the development, administration and enforcement of Operational policies.
    Ensure organization policies and procedures are followed by each department.


    Attract and retain staff in collaboration with management team
    Complete performance evaluations of management staff on an annual basis.
    Perform other Agency related duties as assigned by President & CEO




  • An adequate knowledge of Human services, philosophy, principles and methods, and an ability to use this knowledge effectively in social service environment.
  • An ability to establish positive staff and professional relationships.
  • Administrative, organizational and leadership ability.


To inquire, email Gale Nelson directly at gnelson@bbbsmiami.org.