Nerium International™ Raises $1,000,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters

Nerium becomes the largest workplace donor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

IRVING, TX (October 29, 2014)— Today, Nerium International™, a leader in age-defying skincare products, met its goal of raising $1,000,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), making Nerium the largest corporate workplace giving donor.

To commemorate this event, Nerium presented Big Brothers Big Sisters with a $1,000,000 check symbolizing its yearlong fundraising effort, during the company’s national Get Real Conference in Long Beach, CA on October 24. Nerium’s commitment to BBBS— the country’s largest youth organization— will impact children nationwide, immeasurably enhancing their lives.

“What Nerium and its Brand Partners have accomplished this year is truly exceptional,” stated Pam Iorio, President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. “We are thankful for their generosity and look forward to continuing to work with a team of individuals who are truly dedicated to the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters.”

To help reach its $1,000,000 goal, Nerium participated in a number of fundraising initiatives, including “Bowl for Kids’ Sake,” Big Brothers Big Sisters’ signature fundraiser. This year, Nerium raised more than $400,000 for Bowl for Kids’ Sake by providing corporate matching incentives and sponsorships in 17 different markets. Additionally, hundreds of Nerium Brand Partners— people who own their own businesses through the selling of Nerium’s products— donated over $300,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters as part of the company’s monthly contribution program.

Furthermore, the children of Nerium’s Brand Partners helped raise another $39,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters as a result of the company’s inaugural ‘Lemonade for Littles’ program, which was launched in an effort to inspire youth philanthropy and entrepreneurship. The program encouraged kids to set up and run their own lemonade stands, with all proceeds going to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Last week, thousands of Nerium Brand Partners gathered in Long Beach, CA for the 2014 Get Real event, where additional donations poured in, raising another $200,000 to help the company reach its fundraising goal of $1,000,000.

“For many of the kids, seeing their Big Brother or Sister is the highlight of their week. That’s what makes our mission all worth it. We couldn’t be more gratified to work with a life-transforming organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters,” said Amber Olson Rourke, Chief Marketing Officer at Nerium International. “It’s touching and inspiring to witness how the organization continues to leave a lasting impression on millions of lives.”

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Nerium works with Big Brothers Big Sisters on both national and local levels, serving on the board of directors for the organization’s local affiliates and volunteering as mentors for the program. In 2014, Nerium Brand Partners served as mentors for more than 100 children across the country.

For more information about Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and how to become a mentor, visit