Alaska Native Mentoring Program Specialist [Anchorage, Alaska]

The Alaska Native Mentoring Initiative focuses on matching Alaska Native youth and recruiting Alaska Native mentors. Under this initiative, this position is responsible for recruiting, enrolling, and matching volunteers and youth in our Community-based program and coordinating our Site-Based program. This position may assist with customer relations duties at a statewide level.

Program Specialist [Anchorage, Alaska]

This position is responsible for providing enrollment and match support for our Sync program and assisting the Sync Program Coordinator with volunteer recruitment and youth outreach. This includes implementation of the volunteer and youth enrollment process, facilitating match meetings, providing match support, assisting with planning and implementing match activities, maintaining relationships with the Independent Living staff, and presenting at foster youth retreats and Independent Living classes as needed. The position is also responsible for providing other direct service delivery based on the needs of the local office.