Enrollment & Match Support Specialist – [Sheboygan, WI]

The Enrollment & Match Support Specialist will assess and support volunteers and children in 1:1 mentoring relationships, and work in partnership with parents/guardians and community partners to enhance their positive relationship. This position will assess and support children and volunteers, determining eligibility and appropriate matches; providing match support to ensure child safety, positive impacts for youth, and crisis management for families and volunteers. This includes providing timely and comprehensive written summaries of all client contact and documenting these notes in an online database. Support is done by phone, in person or by email. A successful Enrollment and Match Support Specialist will guide participants through the enrollment process efficiently and be able to consistently contact child, parents and volunteers on their caseload according to a predetermined schedule. An ability to work in an office setting, attention to detail, effective communication skills and an ability to build rapport with clients is a must.