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We can engage partnerships and ignite progress.
We can empower a movement through mentorship.
We can unite through service and change lives
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BBBS Community Action Network (CAN)


Unite, engage, and empower the BBBS community to create a national impact through sharing best practices, collaborating on strategic initiatives, and serving as leaders for the organization.



BBBS volunteers across the country are united, engaged, and empowered through mentorship to create a national impact.



The Community Action Network will be comprised of leaders of BBBS Young Leaders Councils from across the country.


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Are you a current member of a BBBS Young Leaders Council, a staff member with BBBS, or interested in forming your own Young Leaders Council?  We want to connect with you!

Member Information

Elizabeth (Beth) Bixenman


Hometown: Weston, MA
Current City: New York, New York
College/University and/or Advanced Degrees (if applicable): Boston College, Double Major in Mathematics and Sociology; MBA Candidate at NYU Stern.

Career: Development Director at Notre Dame School of Manhattan
Years involved with BBBS: Nine

Why you got involved with BBBS: When I first moved to NYC, I was looking for opportunities to get involved with a local non-profit and my alma mater suggested Big Brothers Big Sisters as I had served as a mentor while in college. I truly believe in the power of mentoring, and after being a Big Sister through the BBBS of NYC organization I continued my involvement by taking on a leadership opportunity. For eight years, I served on the Young Professionals Committee of NYC, where I ultimately served as President. I have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering with this impressive organization and I am ever grateful for the relationships and opportunities it has provided for me.

Passion project you are working on: I am always working on something but attending graduate school at night certainly is a valuable and significant part of my life. To keep some balance, I love the outdoors and staying active - usually running - and recently added a little fur-baby to the mix! Her name is Ellie and she is a four month old toy Australian Shepard so she is keeping me on my toes!

Kevin Christensen

Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County

Hometown: Yuba City, CA
Current City: San Diego, CA
College/University and/or Advanced Degrees (if applicable): Point Loma Nazarene University
Career: I am a financial planner and am currently getting my CFP® designation from San Diego State University.
Years involved with BBBS: I am currently a Big Brother and YPC board member for Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County. I have been matched with my Little brother, Jackson, since 2012.
Why you got involved with BBBS: I was looking for a way to get involved in the community and wanted to do something that would have a direct impact on someone's life.
Most exciting thing you did this past year: One of the most exciting things I did this past year was propose to my fiancé, Alyc. We are currently planning our wedding and will be tying the knot in April.
Passion project you are working on: One goal I have for BBBS is to create an Alumni group in San Diego that would eventually become a nationwide platform to connect all the Big and adult Little Alumni across the country.

Marissa Enfield

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
Current City: Santa Monica, CA
College/University and/or Advanced Degrees (if applicable): Scripps College
Career: Digital advertising
Years involved with BBBS: Since 2015
Why you got involved with BBBS: I wanted to fulfill the role I never had before as a big sister!
Most exciting thing you did this past year: I spent a week volunteering, exploring, and brushing up on my Spanish skills at an eco-hotel/school in Masaya, Nicaragua with some work colleagues in February 2017.
What you are looking forward to most in this next year: I'm looking forward to my next travel adventure, which is to be determined :)
Passion project you are working on: I'm writing a blog catered to youth mentors in LA. Check it out at!

Vante Johnson

BBBS of Puget Sound

Hometown: Fresno, CA
Current City: Seattle, WA
College/University and/or Advanced Degrees (if applicable): California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo - Construction Management Degree
Career: Project Engineer
Years involved with BBBS: 3 years (1 year as a Big, 2 years as a BBBS YPC Member)

Why you got involved with BBBS: Growing up -- like most ‘littles’ -- I didn’t have a big brother, nor a father around. Although I am a twin with 6 siblings, my mother paired me up with ‘Big’ like figures who consisted of coaches, older teammates, and community leaders allowing me to grow and become the young professional I am today. And all my mentors would want from me is to “Pay it forward” to the next ‘little’ that crosses my path. After moving to Seattle for a new career opportunity and no longer having my family in close proximity, I found the perfect middle ground when I found BBBS. Soon after, I became a Big and joined the local BBBS Young Professional Committee. The experiences and new lessons learned have kept me involved.

Passion project you are working on: After being in BBBS and Toastmaster for a couple years, I’ve been looking for opportunities to expand my impact and utilize the skills gained. That’s when an idea came into my head to start a movement behind helping Millennials and Young Professionals share their ideas and bring them to life. This passion project has lead me to start writing a book and producing YouTube videos, which I plan to share with the world late 2018.

Kate Nichols

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta

Hometown: Marietta, GA
Current City: Atlanta, GA
College/University and/or Advanced Degrees (if applicable): University of Georgia; Goizueta Business School, Emory University
Career: Non-Profit Development/Fundraising
Years involved with BBBS: 8 years
Why you got involved with BBBS: When I moved to Los Angeles after college, I wanted to find a way to truly feel engaged with my new community, while helping girls understand their potential, connect with their unique and powerful strengths, and achieve their goals.
Most exciting thing you did this past year: In July of 2016, I embarked on a life-changing journey with a select group of mentors and our mentees to build a school in Kone, Senegal.  We had the opportunity to enhance the community through education.  During our African adventure, our group of inspiring volunteers was equipped with courage and integrity.  We experienced tears of joy, feelings of gratitude, and memories we relive every day. I rediscovered a passion for international travel and the power of human connection through our AmeriKone family.
What you are looking forward to most in this next year: This Fall, I began pursuing my MBA at Goizueta Business School with Emory University and cannot wait to further equip myself to effectively make a positive impact in my community.
Passion project you are working on: The BBBS Community Action Network is my passion project. I am so excited to solidify the foundation of this incredible network of mentors to deepen and expand the BBBS mission.

Alex Sabol

Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City

Hometown: West Lafayette, IN
Current City: New York, NY (moving to Denver, CO in October)
College/University and/or Advanced Degrees (if applicable): Indiana University
Years involved with BBBS: 7 years
Why you got involved with BBBS: Mentorship has played such a huge role in my life, and I saw an awesome opportunity to get involved in being that for other people. And really, it goes way back to when I was a kid and my Mom was on the Board of Directors in Lafayette. She would bring me every year to the Bowl-a-Thon and have me carry around Coke bottles one at a time for teams that got strikes. I got to see how incredible this organization is then, and it just was a must do as soon as I was eligible.
Most exciting thing you did this past year: Wow. Big year. I went on a transformational three week trip to South America alone and thought of the idea for my adventure coaching business, left my corporate job and went skydiving for the first time.
What you are looking forward to most in this next year: Really getting to know and grow in Denver. A romantic relationship that’s awesome. The first adventure coaching trip. Growing my real estate business. Having CAN be a kickass organization that makes a huge difference for the kids we serve and the volunteers that make this all work.
Passion project you are working on: Well this IS my passion project, and I would say that playing the saxophone again is my project as well. I want to start / find a fun jam band to play with in Denver once I get there.