Adverse Childhood Experiences research informs us that more than 50% of children in the U.S. will experience at least one type of trauma. Some children will experience multiple types of trauma, severe enough to negatively impact their ability to learn, grow, and develop their full potential.

To achieve the best possible outcomes for children and families, and to best protect children served by Big Brothers Big Sisters from emotional, physical, or sexual harm, we continue to build on our decades-long history of being an industry leader among youth-serving organizations in youth protection practices.

Following the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s framework, we are working to ensure that everyone associated with our organization is trained to:

✓ Realize the impact of trauma and the potential for recovery

✓ Recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma

✓ Respond by integrating knowledge into policies, procedures and practices

✓ Seek to actively reduce re-traumatization


Take a moment to learn more about the resources Big Brothers Big Sisters offers parents and guardians to learn more about trauma and the impact being exposed to trauma can have on a child. Specifically, we offer an online course to parents/guardians of children in a local BBBS program called Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care for Parents/Guardians. Below is an overview of this course along with an excerpt from one of the lessons offered within the course.

For more information about this resource, contact your local agency representative.