Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is proud to partner with  ALEX AND ANI, which creates meaningful, eco-conscious jewelry and accessories to positively empower and connect humanity.


ALEX AND ANI is pioneering its own definition of corporate consciousness with sustainable initiatives and the creation of high quality, thoughtfully manufactured pieces. They are committed to building a culture that focuses entirely on mindful actions. ALEX AND ANI products are proudly designed and crafted in America and made with love. Their items are designed for longevity, as artisanal pieces that can be passed from one generation to the next. To them, sustainability is an essential idea that means contributing to a new way of thinking and acting that considers the well-being of our planet, our communities, and our individual paths. They empower individuals to actively create the world they want to live in. The ALEX AND ANI ethos is living consciously, turning a lifestyle brand into a way of life.

Big and Little Dipper Set

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need someone to lean on – someone who will protect them and keep them on the right track. The Big Dipper, like a safe haven, watches over the Little Dipper, symbolic of the unbreakable bonds we share. 

ALEX AND ANI will donate 20% of the purchase price* from each Big and Little Dipper Set sold between January and December 2017, with a minimum donation of $25,000, to Big Brothers Big Sisters, which matches children or “Littles” facing adversity with strong, professionally supported mentors or “Bigs” that change lives for the better, forever.

ALEX AND ANI has a passion for the well-being of our planet, our communities, and our individual paths. 

*Purchase price includes sales to ALEX AND ANI retail and web customers, and authorized retailers.


The #CARRYLIGHT campaign is another opportunity to further amplify awareness for the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mission. Liberty Copper is the limited edition collection that includes 26 pieces (costume and fine), featuring an exact replica of the Statue of Liberty's torch, all made with original copper from the monument's centennial restoration.  Created in partnership with The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., ALEX AND ANI encourages consumers to draw inspiration from Lady Liberty, and recognize the light they bring to the world. Participation in the ALEX AND ANI global movement involves asking and sharing one question, “WHAT DO YOU CARRY LIGHT FOR?”