Nerium sets record-breaking $500,000 goal for
Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2016!

After raising over $400,000 in 2015, Nerium has set a goal to raise $500,000 through Bowl for Kids’ Sake in 2016 and has committed to match 100% of the money raised by Nerium Brand Partners at Nerium Hosted BFKS Events, up to a cap of $10,000 per event. We’re excited to announce that Nerium has already raised over $490,000!

2016 Nerium BFKS Results

$19,192Louisville, KY
$14,601Van Wert, OH
$13,035Ventura County, CA
$12,495Phoenix, AZ
$12,482Cincinnati, OH
$12,207York, PA
$10,854Detroit, PA
$10,096Orlando, FL
$8,915Belleville, IL
$7,498Tucson, AZ
$7,379Kansas City, MO
$6,552Springfield, MO
$6,532Indianapolis, IN
$6,160Orange County, CA
$4,915Charlotte, NC
$4,873Memphis, TN
$4,629Dallas, TX
$4,585Charlotte, NC
$4,503Nashville, TN
$4,395Chicago, IL
$4,146Brick, NJ
$4,096Salem, OR
$3,798Auburn, MA
$3,219Albany, NY
$3,080Lansing, MI
$2,411St. Louis, MO
$2,240Fargo, ND
$2,041Lincoln, NE
$2,015South Bend, IN
$1,828Ocean City, NJ
$1,799Hampton Roads, VA
$1,777Seattle, WA
$1,681Columbus, OH
$1,560Oshkosh, WI
$1,391Bountiful, UT
$1,004Longmeadow, MA
$955Fargo, ND
$940Portsmouth, NH
$640Berks County, PA
$585Cedar Rapids, IA
$562NYC, NY
$536Dayton, OH
$500Milwaukee, WI
$410Fortuna, CA