Karma Water Announces Partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Karma Water is proud to announce a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of
America (BBBSA) to support their mission of empowering children to live up to their full potential through mentorship.
Karma Water believes in the mantra that what we do today will affect tomorrow, including paying it forward. Beginning
in September 2020, Karma pledges to donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters to enhance their mission of creating and
supporting one-to-one mentorship relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth. Big Brothers Big Sisters’
evidence-based approach is designed to create positive youth outcomes, including educational success, avoidance of
risky behaviors, higher aspirations, greater confidence, and improved relationships. Youth in the program, called
‘Littles’, are paired with caring adult mentors, called ‘Bigs’. Typically, Bigs and Littles spend time in the community
enjoying free, low-cost activities. But with physical distancing guidelines in place, Bigs and Littles are learning to adapt
using technology, communicating through video calls or even playing games online. Through this new partnership,
Karma Water and Big Brothers Big Sisters will encourage society to ‘do good’, through the power of co-branded
storytelling on social media.
“We are honored to partner with an organization that promotes positive change through mentorship. Helping to improve
the lives of children should unite us all,” explains CJ Rapp, Karma CEO. “We’ve seen firsthand, through the experience of
one of Karma’s advisors and shareholders, Gerry Chambers, the amazing impact that the program can have. I’m thrilled
to be able to make this pledge to support Big Brothers Big Sisters now and into the future.”
Gerry volunteers through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Rochester, New York. His Little Brother Tony was 11 years
old when they met. Five years later, the friendship has made an impact on Tony—and Gerry, too.
“My relationship with my Little Brother Tony through BBBS has been an incredibly positive experience. I see us both
continuing to benefit from remaining in each other’s lives.” – Gerry Chambers, “Big Brother”, Karma Advisor &
“When I met my Big Brother, I didn’t talk much, and it was hard for me to trust people. But after a while, my confidence
grew, and I knew Gerry was someone I could rely on.”– “Little Brother” Tony
“We appreciate the support from Karma Water, and their commitment to ‘do good’ in the community,” said Pam Iorio,
President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. “Our Bigs are also committed to ‘doing good’ by igniting the
potential of our nation’s youth. Our mentoring program hasn’t stopped; despite the pandemic and other challenges our
country is facing today, our Bigs have found ways to stay connected with their Littles–virtually. Their dedication shows
that Bigs will be there for their Littles—now, and long after this crisis ends.”
The partnership between Big Brothers Big Sisters and Karma Water is the start of a long-term relationship intended to
promote kindness and good deeds.

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