NIKE, Inc. Announces Its 2022 Black Community Commitment Grantees

  •  10 national organizations, including four new grantees: Son of a Saint, All Star Code and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America in the education innovation space, as well as the Equal Justice Initiative, focused on social justice reform.
  • NIKE, Inc. is also investing an additional $2.75 million to support 44 local organizations in seven U.S. cities where NIKE, Inc. employees live and work, including New York City; Los Angeles; Chicago; Boston; Portland, Ore.; St. Louis and Memphis.
  • In total, NIKE, Inc. is announcing $7.75 million in BCC investments across national and local grantees this fiscal year, which brings Nike’s total during the last 20 months to $16 million.  

“NIKE, Inc.’s purpose is to move the world forward, breaking barriers and building community to change the game for all,” says Karol Collymore, Senior Director of Inclusive Community for Social & Community Impact. “Our Black Community Commitment embodies this belief and drives how we are showing up to advance racial equality for Black people.”

During the past 20 months, NIKE, Inc.’s Black Community Commitment has invested a total of $6 million to support 82 unique community-based organizations across 12 cities, and another $10 million to support 10 national organizations geared toward innovative local solutions across the three BCC pillars of economic empowerment, social justice and education innovation. That $16 million combined investment represents 92 unique organizations working to secure a better, stronger future by meeting communities where they work and play at the local level and by building the large-movement frameworks on the national level that set the stage for lasting change. Today, NIKE, Inc. is announcing $7.75 million in BCC investments across national and city-specific grantees in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Portland, St. Louis and Memphis for this fiscal year.  

Danny Rojas, Executive Director of All Star Code, one of this year’s new national grantees that sits at the intersection of economic impact and education innovation, sums up the impact of being part of the Black Community Commitment this way: “Through our grant from Nike, the single-largest investment we’ve received to date, we’re able to expand and grow our network to 100,000 Black and Brown boys for whom these opportunities may have been out of reach. There’s an urgency to changing the face of tech, and we need to be part of it, because having the faces, ideas and voices of Black and Brown leaders in the design rooms, and someday the boardrooms, is the biggest transformation that we imagine.”

Learn more about NIKE, Inc.’s Black Community Commitment grantees here.

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