Talk It Out

Lanitra has made positive change in Dae’Asia’s attitude.

Monique first became aware of Big Brothers Big Sisters through her daughter Dae’Asia’s school. As a single mom, she wanted extra support and to provide her daughter with the individual attention she needs to thrive.

Big Brothers Big Sisters found the perfect Big Sister for Dae’Asia when she was matched with her three years ago. Lanitra, who works for a financial services firm, helps Dae’Asia talk through problems and challenges typically faced by the average 13-year-old including school issues and, of course, “boy” problems! Lanitra, however, is most interested in helping Dae’Asia with self-control and discipline issues that can overwhelm many teenage girls.

As a seventh grade student with two younger brothers, Dae’Asia has big goals which include being a fashion designer, or, what she describes as “stylist to the stars.” In fact, she has already taken fashion design classes and has designed clothes for Lanitra who fully supports Dae’Asia’s aspiration of going to New York City or Paris.

As an Army brat who was born in Germany and traveled internationally with her Dad, Lanitra developed an appreciation for different cultures and thinks it’s important to expose Dae’Asia to the history of their city, the culture of her surroundings, and to varied life experiences.

Her mom has seen positive changes in Dae’Asia’s attitude since meeting Big Sister Lanitra. “She is more positive and helpful at home, too,” observed Monique, “I love it!”

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