The Perfect Match

Deva and Zorina have formed a lasting bond.

Raising ten children isn’t always easy. That is why mom Shenika reached out to Big Brothers Big Sisters for help. Shenika now calls the match between her daughter Deva and Big Sister Zorina a “perfect match.”

Little Sister Deva was a shy 6th grader when she first met her Big Sister Zorina. Deva, a self-described tomboy, enjoyed skating and swimming with siblings, but also needed individual attention and guidance.

In the four years since first being matched, Big Sister Zorina has achieved her goal of wanting to make a difference in the community. She first became interested in Big Brothers Big Sisters when she was shopping and overheard some young girls misbehaving. Zorina wants to help Little Sister Deva think of helping her Mom and others, not just herself. “I always discuss college with Deva because I see the potential in her. I’ve seen her blossom in the past few years and it’s very rewarding.”

In fact, Deva recently won a scholarship to an all girls boarding school in her city. She is the first in her family to receive an academic scholarship and, if she does well, might pave the way for her younger sisters to attend one day. Zorina is committed to helping her Little Sister achieve her personal goals of attending Harvard University, and eventually going to Law School.

Despite changes in their lives—Deva is now at boarding school and Zorina recently married – these two self-proclaimed friends continue to make time to for each other and their special Big Sister—Little Sister relationship. Both Shenika and Zorina value the input and participation of their Big Brothers Big Sisters Match Support Specialist, Umecka, whom they both describe as “wonderful” and will help this perfect match continue into the future.

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