A Football Tradition

Big Brother Greg and Little Brother Cody

Big Brother Greg and Little Brother Cody

Five and a half years ago, Dakota (Cody) was matched with his Big Brother Greg through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County in Hamilton, Ohio. At the time, Cody was 9 years old. He is now a 15-year-old high school sophomore. Reflecting on their time together, Greg notes that as Cody’s Big Brother, he has enjoyed the opportunity to see how the time he gives really makes a positive difference. For his part, Cody appreciates the chance to build a relationship with a positive role model.

Cody and Greg recently spent some time trying to figure out how to communicate how much Big Brothers Big Sisters has personally meant to each of them, as a way of saying “thanks” to their match sponsor and to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

One of Cody and Greg’s shared interests is a love of sports. As an alumnus of Notre Dame, Greg is a close fan and follower of Notre Dame football. Knowing that Cody had a love of football, Greg recognized this as something the two of them could enjoy together, noting “over the years, I have helped to make Cody a Notre Dame football fan.”

They established a tradition of picking one time each year to go to Notre Dame to see a football game. Earlier this year, they attended Notre Dame versus the University of Michigan – a big rival. After the game, a few hours after Greg dropped Cody off at his home, they had a conversation via text in which Cody elaborated on his appreciation for Greg.

“I always enjoy hanging out with you,” Cody said to Greg. “You’re the best Big Brother anyone could have. And honestly, if it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t be getting good grades and probably wouldn’t even be interested in going to college.”

As Greg explains, Cody is a typical teenager: focused on his image, into sports and music, etc. He views their text exchange as a touching indicator of just how strong and positive their relationship truly is. Children across the United States are waiting for someone like Greg to become a part of their life; to take them to a ballgame or help them with their homework. With your help and support as a donor or volunteer, you can help to end the wait. You can help make sure that all children achieve success in life

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