Voicing Passion Through Poetry

Big Sister Frances and Little Sister Deaja

Big Sister Frances and Little Sister Deaja

During their first encounter in September of 2012, Big Sister Frances and Little Sister DeaJa knew they were perfect for each other. Frances and DeaJa are also full of energy and love to talk. At first, DeaJa struggled with balancing her excitement with being considerate of others in the room. Frances helped her more positively channel that enthusiasm. “I am open to let DeaJa know what she says does matter but how she says it is more important,” stated Frances. DeaJa’s mother knew that her daughter needed someone with a strong character and tough skin who is able to knock down walls that even she as a mother could not. “She is the perfect fit for a young girl who has been through a life changing event,” said DeaJa’s mother.

With life changing events surrounding DeaJa’s life, Big Sister Frances understood that consistency in DeaJa’s life was important. Frances wanted to encourage DeaJa to channel her passion positively. Her goal as a Big Sister is to let her know that no matter what happens, she is there for her Little Sister. As a Big Sister and friend, Frances strives to make it to every event that DeaJa participates in school. DeaJa is passionate about poetry and writes it, reads it and has even been in competitions. This is another way in which Frances encourages DeaJa to let her personality shine by expressing her emotions and feelings with her poetry. Through this passion for poetry, Frances has learned more about being passionate in something you believe in and acting on it. They also enjoy walking and talking in the park, enjoying a meal, and shopping with the money DeaJa earned through her first summer job.

One of the main characteristics that Frances shares with her Little Sister is thoughtfulness for others. As they spend time together shopping, they will often reference someone that a particular item will be perfect for. DeaJa loves her family and is always thinking of ways to help them as she is gaining knowledge from her Big Sister. Frances knows the impact she is having on DeaJa’s life and will continue to be there for her no matter what and strive to help DeaJa succeed in life with all of her passion.

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