A Big brings out the Big heart in her Little

Big Sister Julia and Little Sister Breyonne'

Big Sister Julia and Little Sister Breyonne'

When Breyonne’ and her family first moved to Columbia, she felt homesick for Atlanta. Her mom enrolled her as a Little Sister thinking it could help her adjust, and that helped a lot. Breyonne’ was matched with her Big Sister Julia.

“The consistency of Julia’s relationship with Breyonne’ helped her become more acclimated to her surroundings, therefore making the transition a lot easier,” Breyonne’s mom says.

After making Columbia her home, it wasn’t before long that Breyonne’ was trying to change it for the better.

“Spending time with Julia is lots of fun because she takes me to different places and she makes sure I’m having fun.”

– Little Sister Breyonne’

In fifth grade, she noticed her route home from school was dangerous, so she tried to secure a crossing guard. “All my friends walk home from school, and I did not think it was safe,” she says. “Some have to walk over a mile home and cross busy streets.”

When Little Sister Breyonne’ decided to advocate for the school crossing guard, Big Sister Julia was there to watch her speak at the City Council meeting.

“She is a very intelligent young lady,” Julia says. “I often wonder how she knows all the things she does.”

Breyonne’s service projects didn’t stop when the crossing guard started. With her Big Sister Julia, she continued to brainstorm ideas and talk out future plans.

“She inspired me to want to help children,” Breyonne’ says, “so I decided to start Breyonne’s Act of Kindness Foundation.”

The foundation’s goal is to stock a supply closet of uniforms for kids who need them. Big Sister Julia helped recruit some of the first donors.

“Julia is supportive in all aspects of Breyonne’s life,” Breyonne’s mom says.

Now, Breyonne’ is fully adjusted to life in Columbia and she is looking forward to her future. Big Sister Julia took Breyonne’ to tour the campus of the college her son attends, which has solidified her desire to go to college. When the time comes, she will have plenty of philanthropic projects to discuss in her college essay.

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