Big Brothers Big Sisters Highlighted in Comcast Annual Report

In Comcast’s latest Annual Report, they highlighted their partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters and shared the story of Big Brother John and Little Brother Alize.

John and Alize were matched ten years ago as a part of the inaugural “Beyond School Walls” program at Comcast. A decade later, their match is still going strong.

“I looked forward to coming to the building,” Alize says. “Growing up in the neighborhood that I grew up in, a lot of kids didn’t have that opportunity to get out the way I did. If I didn’t have that positive influence that I got from John, I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I was able to encounter now.”

The feature went on to talk about how the Beyond School Walls program “has expanded across 15 Comcast NBCUniversal locations — and changed more than 2,300 lives, both “Little” and “Big.””

“The partnership between Big Brothers Big Sisters and Comcast is probably one of the strongest partnerships in the country,” Big Brothers Big Sisters of America President and CEO Pam Iorio says. “They have been supportive of mentoring at all different levels and really started this whole Beyond School Walls concept of workplace mentoring.”

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