Paying It Forward

For Little Brother Tony, it was something he knew was long overdue—learning to swim.
It was all about trust, though, and throughout his life, besides his grandparents, there weren’t a lot people Tony felt he could rely on.
His Big Brother Gerry Chambers taught him to float and encouraged him, letting Tony know he could make it across the deep end to the other side. That day was more than just about learning how to swim: Tony realized then Gerry would be there for him. “He’s my number one supporter, he’ll always be in my corner,” said Tony.
Gerry remembers that day too, but it wasn’t until much later that he understood just how important that rite of passage was for Tony. He says it’s an example of how his Little Brother has faced his challenges head on and how his confidence has grown over the past five years.
The two were matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Rochester (NY). Gerry is a Karma Water Advisor & Shareholder, and appreciates that the company is now getting involved to support the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters to defend the potential of youth across the country. Karma Water believes in the mantra that what we do today will affect tomorrow, including paying it forward, a philosophy Gerry believes in, too.
Along the way Gerry has learned from Tony—how to be more patient, understanding, empathetic. “When you put in the effort, the return is special,” said Gerry. “Being a Big is unlike anything you get from other volunteering opportunities.”

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